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Ey up,
I'm Tim Saunders and
I'm a Texture Nerd.

What does that mean?

It means I'm the one with the magnifying glass, inspecting textures from printers, paper and even plants, to get a better understanding of how to recreate or digitise them.

I sweat the small stuff so other designers don't have to.

So what do I do?

I create textures and tools for other designers, to speed up and improve their work. I sell these, as well as teach designers how to use them and even make their own tools.

Scroll down to find out what I've been working on and to get more of an insight into 'Bracken'

Recent Project

Adobe Discover

I recently created some Photoshop brushes for Adobe Discover, giving access to Creative Cloud users for free!

The pack includes 10 geometric pattern brushes, fully seamless and pressure sensitive. They have just the right mix of clear, clean form and battered grunginess, allowing you to slap them on any design. Use them as a mask, as shading or just supporting texture. Grab a free copy and have some fun!

My Company


Most of my energy is invested in Bracken, my storefront and company that makes and sells tools for other designers.

Bracken was born from a love for tinkering in photoshop. Since its inception in 2019 it has now helped hundreds of designers to speed up their workflow and have unique tools and assets at their fingertips.

After some time focusing on freelance and some exciting projects, Bracken is now front and centre and there are big plans. Many more products are in the pipeline, as well as an accompanying YouTube channel, providing tips, tricks and tutorials for design and digital tool making.

Check out my products on my website, or your favoured design store

Want to have a play with some assets?

Just type anything into the box, then click on assets on the left to add them.
Now drag them around to see how they interact with each other.


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Organic Pattern


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This is just a snapshot of the 100s of assets and tools available on www.bracken.design